Private Play Dates

As you are all aware, the past two+ months have been a very uncertain time for small businesses like mine, and will most likely remain that way for quite some time. 

BUT one thing that you can be absolutely sure about in this life is...change.

And what a change this has been. 


With that in mind, it will be vital for our playroom to make some changes.

(One thing will not change. The safety of our children, in the playroom, has always been our number one priority and if you’ve ever been in before all of this, you know that we use the small space to our advantage, it helps us be sure toys and surfaces are consistently sanitized. We will only add to our already very strict cleaning regiment.)


The truth is I do not know WHEN our doors will open again, but you can be assured I have been working and planning non stop on HOW our doors will open again.

When the time comes for us to start leaving our homes and easing back in to some kind of normalcy, for us and for our children, it’s going to be so needed. 

So here is what I have been working on:

(When social distance guidelines allow) We will start offering two daily times that will be available to book for private play dates! Picture this: you and up to 3 friends + their children in the playroom, hanging out, laughing, sipping coffee.. all to yourselves for 2.5 hours. 

Private play dates will allow a few very important things to take place. 

First, we will be able to fully disinfect the playroom before, during and after your visit. There will be one staff member assigned to your play date, that will be equipped with a face mask, who’s focus will be keeping a close eye on what toys may need disinfecting during play and keeping kids playing safe together. 

Next, we will be able to control the number of people that are in the playroom each day and therefor allow us to keep up with a certain level of social distancing. 

We believe this will be taking place during the fourth phase (Revitalization) of opening back up and will keep the number of people gathered well below the recommendation of no more than 50/gathering. We will also remain closed to open play during this time. 

Making these changes, and easing back into play will also allow us to give you a cool, more personalized experience, by offering activities based on your children’s ages and interests! 


I know we are all looking forward to the day we can play together again, share a funny story over a cup of coffee, do something “normal” that we are missing... and that day will come. 

For now, stay home, check in on your friends by calling and texting and let’s work together to keep each other safe. 



Rachel Ellis